How much do your services cost?

We bill by the hour, charged in 15-minute increments. Philip Segal’s rate is $450 per hour, and other work is done at $300 per hour. We can negotiate fixed-fee arrangements, and are happy to “unbundle” the many jobs we do to save clients money. A short introductory phone call is always free of charge.

If you need to hire us for one hour, we can accommodate you. We often talk over strategies for beginning an asset search, profiling litigation opponents or witneses, and performing due diligence. If you are happy with what we tell you, you can sign on for another hour or two or ask us to follow a matter through with a memorandum and possible follow-up steps.

In addition to fact finding help, we can ghostwrite letters to submit to court, or just review and comment on what you have prepared.  To be clear, none of this constitutes giving legal advice. We can also supervise sub-contracted surveillance and electronic forensics services.

We also teach lawyers how to be better fact-finders. Philip Segal speaks all over the country to bar associations and business groups about how to be a more efficient investigator, including how to cope with all the options of Big Data and artificial intelligence. His book, The Art of Fact Investigation, has been called the “Strunk and White for investigators,” and is used in the Congressional Investigations course at Georgetown Law School. He recently wrote "Legal Jobs in the Age of Artificial Intelligence" (Savannah Law Review, 2018).