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At Charles Griffin Intelligence, we work closely with matrimonial attorneys and individuals contemplating or going through a divorce. We consult with our clients before the commencement of divorce proceedings to ensure they are well informed about their spouse's finances. This may include uncovering any holdings their spouse may attempt to hide once proceedings have begun.  After the couple has filed for divorce, we work with clients and their attorneys to determine whether the financial disclosures provided by the opposing spouse are complete and accurate.

Philip Segal is a proud member of the American Bar Association's Family Law Section, and will be presenting at the Section meeting in October, 2017 on asset investigations.

Among the services we provide:

  • Determine assets of spouse prior to filing for divorce
  • Track down assets hidden in anticipation of a divorce
  • Search for assets to ensure financial divorce disclosures are accurate
  • Expose undisclosed financial ties between spouse and other businesses or individuals

You can read our piece in the New York Law Journal on asset searches during divorce cases, co-written with New York matrimonial attorney Michael Stutman, "Detecting Hidden Assets During Divorce" (subscription required).

You can also read our piece in the Bloomberg BNA Family Law Reporter, "Matrimonial Asset Searches: Your Client Knows More than She Thinks."

Please also see our blog, The Divorce Asset Hunter, under the Media tab on this website.