A thorough check of future employees or board members entails more than an automated confirmation of their work history and education.  We believe that you can learn the most about a person or entity by talking to those who know them best, including current and past employers, employees, business partners, classmates and neighbors.  We use our professional interviewing skills to ethically and discreetly uncover the information that matters most.  

Even before interviews, desktop searching alone carries many pitfalls. Lenders need to be especially careful about excess reliance on FICO scoring alone, especially now that many liens and civil judgments will be expunged from those scores. Many jurisdictions in the U.S. will not even include a full list of their dockets on line, and most will require a trip to the courthouse to look up individual litigation. We cover jurisdictions across the U.S. and around the world.

See our recent blog entry, Due Diligence When Databases Fail.

 Among the services we provide: 
  • Verify employment and education
  • Trace jobs deliberately erased from resumes
  • Confirm professional affiliations and qualifications
  • Uncover criminal past
  • Track pending or resolved civil litigation
  • Expose ties to organized crime or other criminal organizations
  • Verify credit, including collateral and property holdings
  • Trace secret corporations
  • Scour relationships with previous business partners and vendors
  • Uncover and analyze bankruptcies, tax liens and contract disputes
  • Determine real reasons why employees left former jobs
  • Investigate standing among consumer and rights groups

For more on how we view our job in due diligence, see our blog post The Fake News Problem in Corporate America, here.