EB-5 Visa Due Diligence

No other kind of visa to gain permanent residence in the U.S. requires so much research on the part of the applicant. No other carries as much financial risk. Invest with the wrong project, and you could not only be denied a green card but you could lose your investment too.

One problem that has recurred in the program is that there have been several fraudulent investments that left foreign investors burned. The most recent example demonstrated that the state government where the fraud took place (in the state of Vermont) was not closely supervising the investment. The federal government has filed suit, but not before a lot of money went into the project by investors whose due diligence could have been better.

Many reputable immigration lawyers refuse to recommend an EB-5 investment because they don’t want to be sued if the investment encounters problems, whether of a normal business variety or because of fraud. But if your lawyer recommends an investment, you should still perform due diligence on the project.

Looking at the track record of a developer of your prospective investment project is much easier than going through the hundreds of pages of documents you and your lawyer will need to examine carefully before you invest your money.

Our flat-fee approach is popular with investors. We provide unbiased advice about the history of any developer, and we can help you spot red flags about a project that would—at the very least—cause you to ask more informed questions before investing.