The Art of Fact

Charles Griffin Intelligence is a consulting company specializing in business intelligence. We work for large and small law firms, companies, financial institutions and nonprofits, as well as for individuals.
Some of our clients come to us either while contemplating or in the midst of litigation. We also use our fact-finding skills to conduct due diligence on partners in joint ventures before or during the early stages of deals.  We provide due diligence for hiring, both for corporate and nonprofit employers, and for executives who want to know more about the corporations or organizations they are considering joining.  We also gather business intelligence in the context of domestic competition, international trade, intellectual property disputes, corporate takeovers and governance fights.
Unlike some investigative or business-intelligence firms, Charles Griffin is staffed by lawyers. We are supported by a worldwide network of local professionals held uncompromisingly to the same high standard of ethical behavior and transparency as we hold ourselves. This website contains information about how we work, as well as links to our two blogs which tackle investigative issues. In addition, you may click on the image to the right for information about Philip Segal's book, The Art of Fact Investigation.