Litigation Support

As lawyers, we understand the litigation process and we can provide support before, during and after disputes.  Our clients rely on us to ethically uncover admissible evidence or to provide them with crucial information that will help shape their strategy in the courtroom or during settlement negotiations. We provide the information that matters most by reviewing open-source information and client documentation, as well as identifying and tracking down the witnesses who may prove most useful to our clients’ needs.  We have an uncompromising attitude to abiding by the law and the rules of professional responsibility.

Among the services we provide:

  • Locate people to be interviewed or served
  • Determine assets of potential counterparties or to enforce a judgment
  • Complement and feed back into ongoing discovery searches using artificial intelligence
  • Prove opponent’s ties to a jurisdiction
  • Profile opponent’s litigation strategy
  • Uncover admissible evidence to prove or refute a claim
  • Identify and interview sympathetic witnesses
  • Identify and interview knowledgeable former employees, friends or acquaintances
  • Scour backgrounds of witnesses for vulnerabilities
  • Gather material for cross-examination of opponents or opposing experts
  • Expose undisclosed ties between people or among corporations or organizations